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Launch of GUDIN

GUDIN, the Global university disability and inclusion network to improve access to higher education for students with disabilities.
On April 8, 2019, under the impetus of Handicap International (of which the Renault Foundation is a partner) and the Harkin Institute, universities, colleges and institutes of higher education from around the world laid the foundations for the first global university network to improve access to higher education for students with disabilities : GUDIN (Global University Disability & Inclusion International Network) was born.

Indeed, 1 billion people are currently disabled in the world. Under-represented in higher education, or even almost non-existent, they are the most forgotten members of student life.

The objectives of GUDIN :

– Share information and good practices on the inclusion of people with disabilities in higher education;

– Work to build common advocacy at national and international levels;

– To be a source of advice and resources to improve accessibility and pedagogical practices of higher education institutions;

– Structure and support data collection on access to higher education for students with disabilities;

– Improve the visibility of departments working on disability issues within universities.


The Renault Foundation announces its support to Led By HER

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Renault Foundation – whose aim is to promote inclusion and sustainable mobility – is stepping up its support for social diversity and equal opportunities by committing with the Led By HER association, which promotes female entrepreneurship.

Created in 2014 by Chiara Condi, to contribute to the emergence of a greater number of women entrepreneurs, Led By HER supports around thirty women who have survived violence in the development of their entrepreneurial projects each year. Thanks to the mobilization of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, business schools, companies and a community of 2,500 members and 300 volunteers in France, Led By HER gives these women the opportunity to rebuild themselves around their projects.

By signing this three-year philanthropic partnership with Led By HER, the Renault Foundation wishes to provide financial support to the association to contribute to the development of women’s entrepreneurship and also to:
Organize Days of Solidarity Commitment: these team-building days will allow employees to share their professional skills with the association’s beneficiaries. This system also responds to the desire of many employees to get involved in actions with a societal objective on a voluntary basis.
Contribute to the development of FoundHERLab: through this digital platform, employees wishing to become involved in mentoring can be put in relation with women entrepreneurs.
Participate in Led By HER hackathons: during the next hackathon, Groupe Renault employees, particularly specialists in the Agile method, will help project leaders to manage their teams and accelerate their growth.

Oliver Faust, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Renault Foundation: “The Renault Foundation’s mission is in line with Mobilize, the Group’s CSR policy, which aims to promote inclusion and sustainable mobility. The decision of our sponsorship committee to support Led By HER responds to our desire to support entrepreneurship as a lever for the inclusion of vulnerable people and to help women victims of discrimination and gender-based violence”.

Chiara Condi, Founder and President of Led By HER:The vocation of Led By HER is to meet the needs of women in precarious situations to be supported and guided in the creation of their start-ups. For our partner companies, such as the Groupe Renault, offering employees to share their skills through mentoring program or more occasionally during a hackathon is a proof of their ability to play a role outside their walls and contribute to a society where equality is no longer a struggle but a reality”.