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The associations supported by the Foundation

An inclusive society is one which gives everyone a chance.

That’s why the Renault Foundation is working in partnership with L’Ecole de la 2e Chance in the Yvelines area (e2c78).

Its mission? Support training and professional integration for young adults without any qualifications in order to “access the 1st job they will have chosen”. Every year, the School supports more than 400 young people aged 18 to 25 and offers them a personal sandwich course.

A process in which the Renault Group and its employees participate by organising manual skills workshops for young people interested in careers in cottage industries, construction or industry.

A successful gamble as approximately 70% of the young people join a vocational training course or find a job after their time with Ecole e2c78.

Following an in-house call for projects promoting employee involvement in associative projects, the Renault Foundation has chosen to support the EIAPIC Association (Ensemble Inter Associatif Pour l’Inter Culturel) in 2019.  Based in Mantes-la-Jolie, near the Renault plant in Flins, this apolitical and non-religious association has been involved for 32 years in educational, cultural and social support for families in the area.

It develops programs that meet the needs of families, particularly those in high-priority neighborhoods. It has developed various support tools to create paths to success and excellence.

EIAPIC accompanies more than 450 children and young people each year (schools, secondary schools, social centres).  More than 600 parents and children also benefit from parenting programs. In total, more than 21,000 people have been assisted since 1987.

Since 2012, Eiapic has also been offering programmes linked to courses of higher education.

The association’s motto? Working together to achieve what cannot be accomplished alone!

An inclusive society is one which does not let anyone fall.

That’s why the Renault Foundation supports Energie Jeunes. Its raison d’etre? Develop school retention among middle-school pupils from disadvantaged areas.

Thanks to the support of partners such as the Renault Foundation, Energie Jeunes supports thousands of young people attending priority education middle-schools every year. This support is structured around two teaching pathways: “Ma réussite au collège” (My success at middle-school): a training programme for the entire class, and “Boules d’Energie” (Balls of Energy), an educational musical.

Its goal, supported by the Renault Foundation: supporting more than 200,000 pupils between now and 2021. We are participating in two ways to help achieve this :

  • A grant for the organisation in middle-schools located near Renault sites.
  • The involvement of Renault employees who are coming to the end of their careers, passing on their skills directly to the pupils.

An inclusive society is one which recognises everyone’s merits!

Every year in France thousands of young people take on volunteer work.

Institut de l’Engagement identifies the most promising profiles from among these young volunteers, without any discriminating criteria and whatever their social or geographical background, and gives them assets which are indispensable for successfully carrying out their future projects. To train up a new generation of engaged young people spreading the values of commitment and citizenship.

As one of the Institute’s partners, the Renault Group supports a dozen of these young people every year within the framework of its Mobilize process undertaken by the Foundation. Overall, the Institute supports 700 laureates per year throughout France.


By co-funding personalised support for resuming education or looking for work in regions where Renault is established.

The Association Objectif Pour l’Emploi (OPE) was founded in 1995 and aims to promote equal opportunities by supporting the career choices of middle and high school students and the professional insertion of qualified jobseekers.

The Renault Foundation has chosen to support the ELL’OWEB program launched by the association in 2017.

This program, implemented in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in the cities of Lyon, Grenoble and Valence (France), encourages female high school students to pursue digital careers, where women are under-represented.

The aim is to raise awareness and initiate them through fun and innovative workshops, under the format of intensive weeks during the school holidays. At the end of this week of learning, each student is given a mentor, a digital professional, who will advise them in their choice of digital orientation.

With the support of the Foundation (2019-2020-2021), the Association aims to roll out its programme in 5 new regions and 2 new cities in the Auvergne – Rhône Alpes region.

An inclusive society is one that deconstructs stereotypes.

The Renault Foundation supports the Unis-Cité association (France) with its ” Young Digital Citizens ” programme launched in 2018, which offers digital awareness and education in order to fight against exclusion and the digital divide.

Civic service volunteers work in pairs to run workshops on coding, artificial intelligence awareness and digital citizenship. The programme has impacted 225 young people in civic service and 34,000 children.

By targeting young girls to give them confidence and encourage them to pursue scientific, technical and digital careers, we are working towards a mixed, supportive and responsible digital society.

An inclusive society is one which fights against exclusion and poverty.

Action Tank is a non-profit organisation created in 2010 with the aim of reducing poverty and exclusion in France.

To achieve this, it uses an innovative approach: social business. This is based on two areas:

  • The creation of research and analysis ecosystems formed by economic and social players. The Renault Group, a member of the organisation’s Board, is part of this.
  • – The experimentation of pilot projects to innovate against exclusion and poverty.

The concrete project run by our Group? Garages Renault Solidaires, designed within the framework of our corporate social entrepreneurship programme Mobilize.

If the Renault Foundation has chosen to support the projects of the association Comme les Autres it is because it accompanies, in their rebuilding process, people with physical disabilities due to a life accident (road accident for instance).

The purpose? To allow these people a boost in their personal, professional and social lives through a global support, constantly stimulated by sports and thrills.

Comme les Autres also has the desire to contribute to changing the way people look at but also change the relationships between the ” world of disability ” and the ” world of the able-bodied “.

An inclusive society is one which helps everyone reintegrate.

La Cravate Solidaire won the call for projects launched by the Renault Foundation in 2018.

What is the aim of this organisation? To collect and distribute work clothes to people trying to reintegrate to increase their chances of finding a job.

Help with clothes but much more than that! La Cravate Solidaire also provides training and coaching sessions, “masterclass” workshops, to support disadvantaged people in their attempts to return to work.

An original project, concrete action and a dynamic team, supported by the Renault Foundation through the allocation of a budget of 90,000 euros to help develop the organisation.

An inclusive society is one which enables everyone to choose their career.

The French non-profit organisation Elles bougent has one aim: to improve diversity within the industrial and technological sectors where women remain widely under-represented.

Companies, non-profit organisations, universities, institutions: all the partners of Elles bougent, including the Renault Foundation, are involved in activities publicising personal accounts, raising awareness and providing training to support female vocations.

In particular, the Renault Group is collaborating with Elles bougent to enable young female high-school students to find out more about careers in the automotive sector by talking directly to women from the company.

An inclusive society is one where everyone can be active.

The Federation Francaise Handisport (FFH) has been working to allow access to sport to everyone with a disability, be it motor or sensory, since 1954.

Playing a sport is about seizing the opportunity to exceed your own expectations, be part of society and enjoy yourself every day. That is why the Renault Foundation supports FFH through two main activities;

  • The development of sports among young people
  • Identifying and supporting future parasport champions

As one of FFH’s main partners, Groupe Renault is, in parallel, working on vehicles adapted for disabled people.

An inclusive society is one which gives itself the means to take care of everyone

Female and disabled but, above all, citizens!

Being a woman and being disabled means living with dual discrimination every day! A situation which Femmes pour le Dire, Femmes pour Agir (FDFA), supported by the Renault Foundation, is fighting. The organisation is working to promote the place of disabled women in society and their participation in social and public life, whatever their disability.


  • Maintains that a disability is not an identity
  • Fights for full and entire recognition of the citizenship of disabled women and for equality between men and women
  • Fights against all forms of discrimination and all forms of violence experienced by disabled women

Since 2017, the Renault Foundation has been a patron of Handicap International, an NGO recognized for the effectiveness of its actions.

The Foundation has chosen to support a project called “Employment and Disability” (“Emploi et handicap”) in Morocco, a project also supported by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). This project aims to help disabled people gain access to employment through personalized support (professional training, access to universities, social services, …).

This patronage agreement also enables the company to benefit from Handicap International’s expertise within the framework of the internationalization of the Group’s disability policy. In this respect, this sponsorship enables Renault to make progress in its understanding of the issues related to the inclusion of disabled people in employment and work.

Find the video about the Handicap International & Renault partnership here : ici !

An inclusive society is one which does not discriminate on the basis of gender.

Since 2016, the Renault Group has been active alongside ONU Femmes France: a daily battle for sexual equality and the empowerment of women, particularly within the company.

The #HeForShe movement, publicised by the Renault Foundation within the Group, encourages everyone to consider and take action on issues of diversity and equality. So that all our employees are involved.

“Because there are obvious facts like male/female equality which apparently need to be recalled; because mixed schools should lead to equally mixed courses; because finally there should no longer be male jobs and female jobs, male companies and female companies….get involved on the HeForShe website to change mentalities.” Oliver Faust, Director of the Renault Foundation

Sport is an integrative factor. This is why the Renault Foundation supports the Special Olympics association (France), which organizes numerous sporting events, open to all, to give people living with an intellectual disability the opportunity to experience the joy of sports, to help them develop their self-esteem, and discover and share the pleasure of achieving success.

Every year, around 20 Renault employees take part in these solidarity relay races, alongside 6,000 other committed runners who start at the same time as the disabled runners.

By creating these opportunities for sportsmen and women to meet, Special Olympics works towards changing society’s view on mental disability, which affects 900,000 people in France.

Sustainable mobility is mobility which does everything to avoid putting its users in danger.

The partnership between the Renault Group and the Fédération Nationale des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France (French National Fire-fighters Federation or FNSPF) dates back to 2012.

Our common goal? To work to continuously improve our expertise in tertiary safety.
N.B! Tertiary safety refers to all the emergency operations implemented on vehicles which have been in an accident or caught fire.

This collaborative approach is used both upstream – we continuously seek to design vehicles which take into account the constraints facing fire-fighters for more efficient and safer operations – and downstream via training and awareness activities with fire-fighters in France and overseas.

With a major new challenge today: marketing more sustainable vehicles run on alternative energy sources which require appropriate tertiary safety training. Sustainable mobility is pushing us to change!

Sustainable mobility is mobility which informs users about risks and good practices.

Global Road Safety Partnerhsip (GRSP) acts under the auspices of the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC). It brings together public and private players involved in the issue of road safety, particularly within developing nations.

The Renault Group, a car manufacturer with an international presence, acknowledges its responsibility as a leading player for more sustainable and safer mobility.

To give ourselves the means to achieve this, we are involved at the very heart of GRSP both as a member of the Executive Committee and as a long-term partner. Our work? We raise awareness in countries where we have a presence.

In 2019, through its call for projects on reducing the environmental footprint of daily commuting, the Renault Foundation has chosen to support for 3 years, éhop, an association that aims to develop the practice of carpooling between home and work in the Bretagne-Pays de Loire region (France). With the cooperation of several territories in the region, the financial support of the Renault Foundation will enable éhop to conduct an experiment in a local, cross-generation carpooling network in rural areas.

Through its philanthropic activities, the Renault group encourages local initiatives that promote inclusive mobility. This is why, in 2019, following a call for projects, the Renault Foundation has chosen to support the association Mobilité 07-26 which operates in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region (France).

This is a Mobility for Integration platform whose primary aim is to promote the mobility of people in difficulty and seeking professional integration.

The association responded to the Foundation’s call for projects with the purpose of creating an electric car-sharing system in areas with no or poor public transport services.

A sustainable mobility is one that is more electric, shared and based on renewable energies.

WWF France works every day to offer future generations a living planet. WWF France is a foundation that works to halt environmental degradation and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

Groupe Renault, pioneer of the electric vehicle, is actively committed in favor of a more sustainable mobility through the development of intelligent electric ecosystems and more shared mobility services accessible to all.

In response to this joint desire to work towards a transformation of the transport sector, Groupe Renault and WWF France have formed a partnership to study the transition to a larger scale of electromobility solutions, which will make it possible to reduce the ecological footprint of cities and territories, by working both on the transformation of technologies and mobility uses.


Safe and sustainable mobility means making users aware of the risks and good practices for road safety and security.

Given the alarming figures for road accidents and casualties around the world, the Renault Foundation and the association Prévention Routière have decided to take joint action to raise awareness of road risks and the right behaviors to adopt on the road, by creating an online website suitable for all audiences:

The one of a kind, Road4us is designed to be easy to use and accessible to all types of road users, pedestrians or drivers, regardless of culture, age or education level.

With this in mind, simple illustrations with universal codes, without text or cultural connotations, have been designed. Available for free downloading, these visuals are also intended to be used freely by educators, teachers or associations who wish to present them to the public to raise awareness.