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Legal Notice


The website accessible at (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is intended for personal information of Users. Access to and use of the Website are governed by the present “Terms and Conditions of Access” (hereinafter referred to as the “T&Cs”) as outlined hereunder.

Connection and access to imply full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all provisions set forth under the T&Cs.

Fondation d’entreprise Renault hereby reserves the right to amend and update the T&Cs, without notice, as well as all information, products and services on the Website.

All such modifications will be applicable on users who should consult the T&Cs each time they log in.


Article 1: Publication and Hosting

Fondation d’entreprise Renault
API : FR QLG B15 2 08
13-15, quai Le Gallo
92109 Boulogne-Billancourt cedex – France
Director of publication: Sophie Chazelle

STRASS Productions
32, rue des Volontaires – 75015 Paris
Tél : + 33 (0)1 40 65 08 05

Link by Net (
5/9 Rue de l’Industrie
93200 Saint-Denis

Article 2: Intellectual property rights

Copyright and/or Rights over Designs and Models

The present Website is a creation for which Fondation d’entreprise Renault is the author as defined by articles L. 111.1 et seq of the Intellectual Property Code. The design and development of said website were undertaken by STRASS Productions.

All photographs, text, slogans, designs, images, animated sequences with sound or not as well as all works integrated into the Website are the property of RENAULT or Fondation d’entreprise Renault or third parties having authorised Fondation Renault to use them.

Reproductions, on paper or electronic medium, of said Website and creations reproduced therein are authorised subject to being strictly for personal use excluding use for publicity and/or commercial and/or information purposes and comply with the provisions set forth under article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Excluding those provisions set forth hereinabove, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any manner and on any medium whatsoever, of the Website in whole or in part, of the various creations and models of vehicles which comprise it, without the prior consent of RENAULT or Fondation d’entreprise Renault, is strictly prohibited and constitutes counterfeit punishable by three years in prison and a fine of €300,000.


Fondation d’entreprise Renault and the Renault Fondation Group commercial logo are, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, registered trademarks of Renault s.a.s.

Other trademarks are also cited; these are in principle identified in capitals. They are used by Fondation d’entreprise RENAULT either with the consent of the proprietor, or as a simple indication of products or services offered by Fondation d’entreprise Renault.

The reproduction, imitation, use or affixation of these trademarks without the prior consent of RENAULT or their respective proprietors constitutes counterfeit punishable by four years in prison and a fine of €400,000.

Subject to the provisions set forth under the T&Cs, the user may not copy, modify, reproduce, in whole or in part, in any format whatsoever, information and elements appearing on the Website, nor intervene on the Website, or act in any manner which breaches the intellectual property rights of Fondation d’entreprise Renault and third parties having authorised Fondation d’entreprise Renault to use them. Use of any intellectual property right of Fondation d’entreprise Renault or of a third party having authorised use thereof by Fondation d’entreprise Renault, and not expressly authorised by the T&Cs is strictly prohibited.

Article 3: Personal data and other

Personal information collected in the framework of registration forms (surname, forename(s), Email address, etc.) are essential to respond to information requests, to submit an application, to send you the Newsletter (electronic newsletter), press document and event alerts.

This information is intended for the use of Fondation d’entreprise Renault alone and its subsidiaries for information. It is confidential and stored by Fondation d’entreprise Renault, and may be sent to its partners for information purposes [surveys, analysis] namely Paris-Dauphine University and the Paris IAE for MBA Dauphine-Sorbonne-Renault, ParisTech for Masters in ParisTech Fondation Renault, IUT in Mantes la Jolie for the Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Electrics and Electro-Mobility and may not, consequently, be transferred outside of the European Union. Fondation Renault hereby undertakes not to undertake any commercial use, even in part, of data collected without notifying you in advance.

This information is confidential and stored by Fondation d’entreprise RENAULT. Pursuant to articles 38, 39 and 40 34 of the “Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act” no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended by law no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, you have a right of access and amendment of personal data as well as a right to object to personal data being processed by contacting us:

Fondation d’entreprise Renault

API : FR QLG B15 2 08

13-15, quai Le Gallo

92109 Boulogne-Billancourt cedex – France

If you wish to no longer receive the services offered on this Website (such as the Newsletter, press releases, etc.), please follow the procedure indicated in each message. You can terminate your subscription at any time following the unsubscription procedure.

Non personal data

Non personal data entered is used to offer you products and services which meet your tastes.

We may automatically collect information with this however, under no circumstances whatsoever, being associated with a person. This data concerns the type of web browser that you use, your computer system, and the domain name through which you access our website.

Article 4: Accessing the Website

You may consult this Website anonymously.

When you enter an account name and password during the registration procedure, you will be solely and exclusively liable for protecting the confidential nature of your account and your password and all actions which are undertaken in your account and/or using your password. Fondation d’entreprise Renault and its suppliers refuse all liability in management and control and/or supervision of use of the website by users. You hereby undertake to immediately notify Fondation d’entreprise Renault of any unauthorized use of your account. You hereby ensure to log out at the end of each session. Renault may not be held liable for any loss or damages occurring in the event of default in these obligations.

In such instance as the Visitor is a minor, parents and any person with parental authority, is reminded that it is incumbent thereupon on the one hand to determine which service(s) the minor is authorised to use and, on the other, to supervise use made of said service(s).

Article 5: “Cookies”

Please refer to:

Article 6: Hypertext links

Fondation d’entreprise Renault may not under any circumstances whatsoever be held liable for the content and products or services proposed on the websites to which the Website (address of Website) is linked via hypertext links or any other type of link.

Article 7: Security

When using, you hereby undertake not to perform any actions likely to lead to breakage of computers or operations or affecting operation of the Website or any server or service accessible via the Website. You notably hereby undertake to only make available, on the website, information, data, documents, files which are reliable, harmless and not likely to affect operation of the Website or any service or server accessible via the Website.

You hereby undertake, in your use of the Website or any service or server accessible via the website:

  • to respect all national legislation and regulations in force, as well as third party rights,
  • not to cause any prejudice to the image of Fondation d’entreprise Renault under any circumstances or in any format whatsoever. Notably, you hereby guarantee and hold harmless our company against any action taken by third parties pertaining to the content of information which you provide on the Website, notably action resulting from a breach of personality rights, intellectual property rights, public order, proper customs, respect of privacy (image rights etc.) or criminal provisions in national and/or international legislation in force. Consequently, you hereby undertake to compensate Fondation d’entreprise Renault for any fees, costs and expenses which we may bear in this regard, including fees and costs reasonably incurred for legal representation of our company.

Fondation d’entreprise Renault hereby undertakes to implement all necessary resources so as to ensure the security of information which you provide on the Website.

Nevertheless, Fondation d’entreprise Renault cannot guarantee that messages sent electronically will not be intercepted. Consequently, notwithstanding the provisions set forth under article 3 herein, we hereby request that you do not disclose electronically any unnecessary or sensitive data. If you wish to send such information to Fondation d’entreprise Renault, please use the postal service.

Article 8: Limitation of liability

The User is entitled to accept the T&Cs and the obligations resulting therefrom. Consequently, the user agrees to use the website under his sole and exclusive liability and undertakes to respect all provisions herein, rules governing activities on the Website and all legislation and regulations in force applicable to activities of the user on the Website, via the Website or pertaining thereunto.

Information provided by the user (content or other elements which the user provides, registers, or makes available to Fondation d’entreprise Renault or makes accessible via the Website) should not:

  • include any virus, spyware likely to damage the Website, slow its operation or more widely harm its due and proper operation,
  • be misleading, incorrect or inaccurate,
  • be acquired improperly or breach third party rights,
  • breach codes and legislation in force,
  • include any harassment, prejudice, defamation, violence, vulgarity, obscenity, hatred or criticism notably concerning race or ethnic origin, or run contrary to proper standards, or likely to breach respect of people and their dignity as well as the protection of minors,
  • breach the internal and external image right of Fondation d’entreprise Renault and RENAULT Group.

Information and services accessible on the Website are provided in their current format. Errors or omissions are possible. Fondation d’entreprise Renault does not issue any guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, and accepts no liability pertaining to the use of this information, the services or the Website.

The user hereby acknowledges that it is solely and exclusively liable for use of the Website, information and services accessible via the Website; it recognizes that neither Fondation d’entreprise Renault, nor any of its partners may be held liable for direct or indirect damages (material prejudice, immaterial prejudice, loss of data or programmes, financial prejudices) resulting from access to or use of the Website or all site related thereunto or due to, notably, interruption, suspension, modification or relinquishment of the Website or any of its information. Content of the website is presented without any guarantee whatsoever, which the user hereby acknowledges expressly.

Fondation d’entreprise Renault may, given the circumstances, take all measures which it deems necessary or appropriate as to, on the one hand, accessing and/or use of the Website and services by the user and, on the other hand, elements provided by the user. Notably, RENAULT may interrupt, limit, suspend, prohibit, in whole or in part, access to the Website, without notice or compensation, of the user has any behavior or undertakes any activities which are prohibited by legislation and regulations in force or the T&Cs. The provisions set forth under the present article will remain applicable following termination or expiry of the T&Cs.

The characteristics of products and services present on the Website are those which exist at the time of online publication or updates of the various website pages; they are only given by way of a guide and may not be considered as constituting any contractual offer for products by Renault, its subsidiaries or members of its network. Moreover, photographs illustrating products are non contractual. Similarly, prices displayed on the website are given as a guide and do not have any contractual value. Errors or omissions are possible.

Access to products and services present on the Website may be restricted. You should therefore check the legislation in the country from which connection is made so as to ensure you are authorised to access our Website.

Article 9: Suspension or interruption of access

RENAULT may, at any time, limit or suspend, temporarily or otherwise, your access to in the following instances:

  • infringement, by yourself, of the present T&Cs, without prejudice for all other rights of our company,
  • technical issues related to the infrastructure implemented for online publication and operation of the website.

In the event of definitive suspension, you hereby undertake to immediately destroy any copy of our website and/or its content.

Article 10: Applicable Law

Aside for any special provisions in the legislation of the User’s country – such as any mandatory provisions -, the T&Cs, content and all rights and obligations of the parties generated in the framework of use of the Website or pertaining thereunto are governed by French legislation and are interpreted and applied pursuant thereunto.

Any dispute concerning the T&Cs and access and use of the Website should firstly be the object of an attempt at amicable resolution between the parties before being referred solely and exclusively to the Paris Court of Appeal to which the parties acknowledge exclusive power to rule, notwithstanding multiple defendants or compensation claims from third parties.

Article 11: Language

The present T&Cs are drafted in French. In the event of any conflict between the translated document and the T&Cs drafted in French, the latter shall prevail.

Article 12: Update of T&Cs

Fondation d’entreprise Renault hereby reserves the right to modify and update, at any time, access to the Website as well as the T&Cs. Fondation d’entreprise Renault will strive to notify Users thereof, notably via the Website. These modifications and updates are imposed on any User who should consequently regularly refer to this section in order to check the terms and conditions of use in force on the Website.